Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Beginning

So.... I'm beginning college soon, which means on Monday, I moved to San Diego!!! I'm hoping if I'm lucky I'll see Rumi from Fashion Toast around, since I suspect we're in a similar part. I'll be keeping my eyes out for her!

Anyway, so lately I've been busy. Had to get dorm stuff, pack for ages at home, say bye to all my friends, etc. But the good news is I should be posting some awesome photos soon because I'm with my sister, and she's my designated fashion photographer. Ok keep it short Court!

1. My Sister and her silly pup / 2. On my way out, wearing forever21 sheer shirt, sister's glasses, purple striped shirt underneath from old navy, rope belt from marshalls / 3. Missing my newest friend from England!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

young love - the mystery jets

Hi Blog! I've been missing you.
So my summer's running short, which is so sad! But I have huge adventures ahead of me.
Anyway, I was working at an overnight camp allll summmerrr, and had tons of fun. i made ridiculous amounts of international friends, which is sooo gooood! I even got a short summer romance in! On that note, I'll be posting photos very soon of different adventures. Below are photos of my outfit today. Notice I got my hair cut? :D

XL Old Navy Top (stolen from Camp's lost & Found!)
H&M Top
Assorted Jewelry
Walmart Watch