Friday, September 16, 2011


and therefore I'm giving you 5 pictures to sum up what's been happening in my life.
1. Really crappy parties with my ridiculously good-looking friends, being called a barbie, and wearing tiny summery dresses.
2. Missing these ladies. And being drunk? Not enough... not enough.
3. The beach! As well as being with these girls A SHIT TON. I live with them, eat with them, stay out of their throw-up with them...
4. MISS THESE PEOPLE. Spent my entire summer chasing screaming children around, yelling at them to "GET IN THE WATER OR YES I WILL PUSH YOU IN" & various other things. But the staff... ahhhh do i miss them, those pervy, kooky, spoon-tastic people.
5. Being surrounded by ridiculously good-looking men. A lot. 3rd hottest campus in the U.S.? Are you SURE it's not #1 Playboy? And also raving. Although it hasn't happened much yet, it's sure to come... And I'm working out (almost) daily in order to prepare muh ab-ies for it.