Thursday, October 29, 2009


currently smelling spicy man cologne. i mean, beach towel candle from yankee candle. has anyone smelled this? its not very good... 

Just did a little painting last night of Ida Filippa from here. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


so far tonight, i've avoided studying for blogging. i've been reading blogs for an hour and a half now. i'm thinking about putting myself in fashion blogging rehab. anyone have any good recommendations? JUST KIDDING. no but seriously i'm so unproductive due to this stupid blogging scene! i think about it all day and can't do crap! speaking of, i'm going to pull away in an attempt to do some water color painting. we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hats & headbands

my first hat I crocheted that actually turned out well haha. 

A headband I made.

Another headband I made. Check out courtneyyscreations.blogspot.comc to get your own! 

my daily bracelets!

My recently painted nails. They look really orange here, but in real life they're very pink. I did a Lady Gaga inspired- lightning bolt on the ring finger=]

A bracelet I made from an old t-shirt. I actually got a lot of compliments on it, which I was surprised about.

A crochetted bracelet. I made it as an experiment to see if it would actually look as cool as i imagined, and it did, if not better. I sewed on two clear buttons as a way to attach it. The other bracelets peaking out are hemp bracelets I made.

soooo im thinking about doing a post tonight on a bunch of DIY's i've done lately. sadly, i have homework to do first. but not too much, so i should be posting soon! 
also, any suggestions or ideas of something you guys want to see on the blog? i'm open for suggestions!
<3 courtney="]

Sunday, October 25, 2009

i havent posted in days, have I!? well, i had a rather boring weekend. went to the y one day with some friends to find out it was closed, so we went to k-mart and decided to buy this board game called quelf. it's halarious and random, and i cant wait to play it again! i also went to the mall and did some out of town shopping, which was fun. i got a silver sequin hat a a pair of shoes from forever 21 for $10, but i'm unsure if i should keep them. pictures later. now gonna attempt some t-shirt revamping, or maybe sleeping :D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

this my bored face

as you can see i like pink and green. $5 walmart sneaks for the win!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


trying to get down some airborne before i go to bed. i remembered this stuff being kind of yummy.... which is the complete opposite. its nasty and stanky and not good. and stanky. it's lemon lime kind. yuck. but i still need to pick out a nice outfit for tomorrow. hopefully i'll be going to the Y with my friends to get some b-ball in! anddddd friday, i'm going to this cool town with AMAZING stores and the only urban outfitters within a 100 mile radius. ok maybe not that far.... but i literally have not seen one in NE other than there! so i'm excited for this weekend. and i'm helping my friend put together a lady gaga costume for halloween, hehe! i'm gonna have so much fun with it. but no one cares blah blah so i need to go to bed. good night pretty babies!
oh,a nd if you get the chance, check out THIS video!

meow meow

kitties kitties kitties kitties. and sick sock pictures. but of course every time the picture was being taken they'd jump out of my arms! silly kitties.

new look on lookbook yo.

it's with my puppy petey! she's a sweety.

Monday, October 19, 2009

toasty toasy

new sexy fur coat! an amazing $20 find at goodwill. the only bad news is that it only has 2 buttons left, so the jacket literally cannot close. that's ok, i still love you jacket. ill have more pictures later, but for now, i have to study=[ 
oh and this is my other buy of the day. it was $3 and is much much much much prettier when it's not in this picture. hopefully it will show up later?


today's outfit. i was feeling bored, so took some pictures. ill have more up later on my BEAUTIFUL goodwill buy. for now, i have to run to a friend's house. 

pineapple cilantro

im bored and have the whole day to myself. debating on:
going to the goodwill
cleaning my room
finding new music
taking clothing pictures
sitting on the computer

hopefully i dont end up doing the last one... haha. i need to do something productive! 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

by the way, check out By the Girl!

Ida Filippa is an amazing, gorgeous, interesting girl. I follow her daily, and can't wait to see what she'll do next. Not only is she beautiful and stylish, she's also only 14! She's always posting gorgeous shoes, creative diy's, and daily postings of what she's up to. What more could a girl ask for? Check her out HERE.

i could never tell you how i really feel, and for that, i eternally apologize.

supa-bored. just downloaded some music, so listening to that. i'm afraid that i might get re-addicted to spill canvas. what a terrible thing. haha=]

na na na na na na na

rainy day boredom. much darker than it looked on my camera, too bad. 

about to upload some gorgeous pictures! get excited.

Friday, October 16, 2009


realized a few days ago that i have a new follower! yay for...3. lame. haha. maybe i should blog more often. well, back to work=/
i dont wanna go to school='[ but good news, i have my internet back! i probably cant blog tonight because i'm going to a friend's, but you never know! 
have a good day lovies.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lady Gaga's style is amazing. I understand that she's got a stylist, but she wears the coolest stuff! always so original.

oh, also, should be some cool photo's up soon! i'm probably going to have a fun photoshoot with my best friend soon=]

web designin'

a cool new header is on it's way. ive made a few cool designs in one of my classes, and so once i remember to send them to myself, we'll be all set! oh, and i still dont have internet, so the only time i can blog is at my workbased learning , when i sneak in some time. right now working on the website, it boring, but it's starting to come along really well. much better than the previous ones. it's a company on art reproduction.... but i wont go into details and bore you=]
back to work i go!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

grow faster!

i really want long hair again=[

work-based sneaking

super bored. i'm currently at my work-based learning, and literally all I have to do for an hr and a half is look through wordpress templates. I'd prefer to be designing my own! sigh. anyways, i can still go on blogger so that's nice. but no pictures or anything, sorry! ill update later, depending on whether or not my internet is back up. sorry! it's been down for a little less than a week. lameeee.

Monday, October 5, 2009

ok so everyone needs to check out and pandora's box. I entered a contest to be a blogger on words of our mouth, and sadly lost, but Emilie, (from both the blogs) was so sweet about it! I'm definately going to start following her. more on that later. also, sorry for not posting a lot. i'm not busy, i just go to my boy's house a lot and never blog there. 
bye lovies!