Saturday, August 29, 2009


although she's 15... whatever.

Friday, August 28, 2009

i'm gonna break your little heart!

time to get ready. bowling tonight with some girlies! school in a mere 4 days=[ sigh!
alsooooo, just posted a new lookbook picture! check it babies.

Cape Cod

The last few days I was in Cape Cod with my dad and my friend. Below is us out to eat at a restaurant called "Land Ho!" 
A nice private beach on the bayside.
My friend Brianna! We had a fantastic time together.
The three hermit crabs we managed to catch before the tide came in. Don't worry, we got them a bigger home with water directly after taking this picture!
Brianna & I.


All P-Town pictures. I had a great time, besides having worn the most painfull shoes ever. I never realized I could get so many blisters from one pair of shoes, haha. Also, I got that cute yellow dress from a flea market in the town we were staying at. The girl that sold me that had so much cute clothes, I just wanted to buy them all! Also, it's a Salvadore Ferraganno dress! 

Cute boat name. Fo' real.
Brianna nappin on a bench.

So in Cape Cod, we went to Providence Town. We had ALMOST sucessfully made the whole trip without seeing any weirdos, but of course, as we were leaving, we saw a rather unusual sight.

This was the rather wild street performer we saw, doing the human statue bit. My friend Brianna and I posed with him, and I was caught mid robot in the above picture!

We decided to go to the beach on our last day, but you have to pay $15 per person to simply go to a beach nowadays. Rather ridiculous. We were attempting to beat the system and sneak out in front of the parking security people, and got yelled at. The guy said "you can't drop off, but you're welcome to go look at that lighthouse... and afterwards, if not everyone wants to get back in the car, they don't have to." we got the hint. So we went up to the lighthouse then went down to the beach later! Note that in the lighthouse picture I'm in front of the door! yay.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

town wide tag sale

spent from 8 this morning until now in the hot sun/ pouring rain (thanks new england weather) selling my damn jewelry. and sold a whopping: $0 & 0 items. shooooottt. now i'm tired and grumpy, but at least i got my first 2 comments on my lookbook picture! yay=]

Thursday, August 20, 2009

just posted my first look. go check it babies!
these are the shots of today's outfit=]

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

finally yayyyyyy. no pictures yet, probably not til at least saturday. i need a camera first=[

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Honestly, I wouldn't mind if anyone got me these


I found out the results for "Buy The Way By The Girl" Ida's contest for a account. I WON!!!!!!!!!! this is fantastic news, if you hadn't already guessed. Also, my power cord for my mac wasn't working so i went to buy a new $80 one today at the mall. They instead, exchanged my broken cord for a BRAND SPANKIN NEW one. i could have cried. and NOW i here news that my mom is going to buy me a camera. this day rocks. well. besides all that, i have to go read my summer reading book=[ this book is both "Crime & Punishment". yay for puns!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

entry for lookbook account via buy the way by the girl

I'm thinking the second one. I really like them both though. gosh i need to start my summer reading instead of playing dressup.

Friday, August 14, 2009

holy crap my new hair's so much fun. haha.
dress: forever21, necklace: my sister, hairclip: made it


OMG SO MUCH GOOD NEWS. first, I got my hair cut wednesday. i'll put a picture up sometime today. 
Secondly, BUY THE WAY BY THE GIRL has made a contest to win a account! I've literally been trying to get one since february, maybe earlier. Yo soy desperada, and i reallllyyyyy want a lookbook account! I NEED to win that competition. 
Third, I now have 2 followers! these are my first followers ever on a blog besides ONE friend i have on tumblr. haha so lame. but if you read this, THANK YOU! 
So that concludes my excitement rant. I MUST go plan my outfit for the contest. 

Sunday, August 9, 2009

new shirt ughhh

just made this damn t-shirt contraption. 

 i'll probably wear it tomorrow, meaning more pictures later. i'm too tired & lazy to do that now. nighty night!
someone g-damn invite me to lookbook! i'm getting anxious. sigh.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'd rather pick flowers instead of fights

Debating on wearing this today. It might be a bit too dramatic for my town. I just feel like such a diva in it though! 

I'm wearing: shirt- Charlotte Russe, shorts- Goodwill, shoes- my sister, scarf- Usna

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My outfit from about a week ago. I'm terrible at remembering to post things

 dont mind the odd bump on the front of my skirt. There's a cool layering on it that photographed weird.
I'm wearing: skirt-Burlington Coat Factory, Shirt- walmart v neck, self-made design, sunglasses- a rocket to the moon

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Just read some interesting Darfur facts... I figured I'd copy some down. Hopefully I can send these to some people & spread the word. Facts taken from Hail Mary
Sondra was a nine year old girl shot in the back of the neck when she was only two hours away from a refugee camp. Save Darfur.
Machuk is a 12 year old boy who took care of 3 younger sisters. One day in Darfur his town was lit on fire. He hasnt seen them since.
Issa was a thirteen year old girl raped by four different soldiers, two from her own governement.
Demand more of your local media; write them and make them pay attention to what is happening in Darfur.
Girls as young as eight are considered at high risk vulnerability levels for sexual assault in Darfur.
People in Darfur have an average of a three hour each way every night to get highly protected water.
Water is so heavily protected in Darfur that night time trips are necessary to avoid being shot.
To see the damage done in Darfur, check out google earth. It will show you what villages have been burned to the ground.
In Darfur theres a religious belief that you cant kill a virgin. Unfortunately for young girls, the "solution" for this is rape.
In Darfur, a girl will sometimes have to go through a humiliating forced marriage before being raped several times and then shot.
Daoud was an elderly woman who was kicked so hard she died. She was trying to get water for her family. Save Darfur. . Really? How does someone do such a thing. Some people are way to creative for me.

Upside Down

I just found the most addicting song in the world. Plus, it's adorable! I just listened to it like 5 times in a row. 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

So I decided to switch over to a more fashion-friendly blog, since tumblr wasn't doing me much good. i just played a little dress-up in my closet & decided to use my new wet seal blazer that i got for $20 & a grey shirt i got for a penny with the blazer=]