Wednesday, October 21, 2009


trying to get down some airborne before i go to bed. i remembered this stuff being kind of yummy.... which is the complete opposite. its nasty and stanky and not good. and stanky. it's lemon lime kind. yuck. but i still need to pick out a nice outfit for tomorrow. hopefully i'll be going to the Y with my friends to get some b-ball in! anddddd friday, i'm going to this cool town with AMAZING stores and the only urban outfitters within a 100 mile radius. ok maybe not that far.... but i literally have not seen one in NE other than there! so i'm excited for this weekend. and i'm helping my friend put together a lady gaga costume for halloween, hehe! i'm gonna have so much fun with it. but no one cares blah blah so i need to go to bed. good night pretty babies!
oh,a nd if you get the chance, check out THIS video!

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