Wednesday, November 25, 2009


ok. so i figured i really need to do a post on my favorite blogs, because ida filippa did a post asking what everyone's favorite blog was, and i had an extremely hard time choosing one. so expect this to be long.

DIY's up the wazoo. when i'm feeling creative but cant think of a project, that site's my first stop.

ever since she started this blog, i've been a fan. Gabrielle is gorgeous, and does tons of posts daily. plus, she always has great outfit pictures!

just found this blog a few days ago, but i instantly went through pages and pages of the archive, just admiring the beauty that is her style. she takes tons of pictures and posts them, and usually has really cute ones with her boyfriend!

this girl is amazing. she's 14, and already has her designs being sold in stores. her zipper jewelry is being hyped about everywhere, so don't miss out on this talented girl!

this girl makes the most AMAZING shoe DIY's. if you want to spice up your old shoes or find a way to make your own version of a popular shoe, check out her site!

gorgeous girl, gorgeous style.

this girl has amazing style. i cant even describe it it's so good! please please pleaseee check out her blog. i know you'll love it.

this girl's style is impeccable. she never seems to have a bad outfit day, and always keeps us updated on our life, which is great for us internet stalkers. but the good kind, not creepy kind.

love going on this when i'm lacking in style inspiration.

stylish and completely hilarious. yes please.

he is always posting rediculous fashion things. the hand bra was one of my favorites, probably because the slogan was "THE PARTY HIT THAT SHOWS OFF YOUR TITS!" but he seems to have a good sense of women's fashion, and it's nice to here what a guy thinks about outfits.

this girl is too cute. and i loveeeee when fashionistas do the artsy thing like her. yay for fashion paintings!

ok so i kinda love jessica wu. i just found her blog recently, but i sure do love it. she's got rediculously good style, and she's such a sweetie! always leavin' me nice comments and stuff...

really, i'm just looking for an excuse to post this picture. HOLY CRAP SHE'S FINE!

this picture is how i fell in love with her AND found her blog. i'd still love to find a pair of jeans that look like that on me. SO PERFECT.

I've done a post on her previously, so if your really curious on how i feel about her, go read that.

she writes the most interesting things, it's totally quirky and hilarious, and is in the fashion industry! i do adore this blog.


  1. aww, you're way to sweet!
    you're also very crafty :D

    thanks for mentioning me there, yayay!! :D
    i love this whole post, very inspirational.
    and yes, i do have a lookbook, but thanks for asking! (i know many people want them, but they are lowering the invites or something :P)


  2. love these pics, great blog !

  3. you are so welcome! anddd i';; definitely have to check your lookbook out then! and tayler, thank you!

  4. THANK YOU for mentioning me as one of your favorite blogs and saying all those nice things about me. Your so sweet :)

    xo g.

  5. welcome girl! i wouldn't say it if i didn't mean it=]