Sunday, January 17, 2010

i went to zara for the first time yesterday! it was absolutely beautiful. but i didnt get anything. still searching for a perfect winter carnival dress=[


  1. Zara has pretty clothes, accessorizes and sometimes shoes.

  2. I love zaras! I just commented on your other blog but im not sure if its still in use since its from September. Anyway I'm guessing the winter carnival is a dance and i think you should get your dress at a thrift shop. How great would it be to come in with a vintage dress that you altered??
    Make sure to check out the contest/new post on Sticky Note!

  3. agreed, Katya. and tati: i barely use the other blog, i keep forgetting i have it! and since i live in a small down, the good wills are really lacking in cute clothes. i commonly go there, but the dresses arent the best. but awesome idea! i might have to check there assuming i cant find anything soon!