Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i wanna love you

just playing around a bit instead of doing homework... of course haha :] my red lipstick looks more pinkish than usual... odd. also, just cut up that relay for life shirt! got it for free the other day, cropped the bottom, rolled up the sleeves and cut a heart in the back. i love it!

p.s. is anyone going to coachella? I AM! so excited... in case you didn't notice ;]


  1. i love doing this to my tshirts. in fact, that's the exact reason why i stopped buying tshirts-- because i automatically hack them to death with a pair of scissors haha. i wish i could see the heart! i also wish i could go to coachella, but student duties call...well, that and i'm poor. enough ranting! au revoir :-)

  2. hahaha i feel you! & the heart's cute, just had to keep in shape! thanks for the feedback alecto <3 :]