Friday, August 28, 2009

So in Cape Cod, we went to Providence Town. We had ALMOST sucessfully made the whole trip without seeing any weirdos, but of course, as we were leaving, we saw a rather unusual sight.

This was the rather wild street performer we saw, doing the human statue bit. My friend Brianna and I posed with him, and I was caught mid robot in the above picture!

We decided to go to the beach on our last day, but you have to pay $15 per person to simply go to a beach nowadays. Rather ridiculous. We were attempting to beat the system and sneak out in front of the parking security people, and got yelled at. The guy said "you can't drop off, but you're welcome to go look at that lighthouse... and afterwards, if not everyone wants to get back in the car, they don't have to." we got the hint. So we went up to the lighthouse then went down to the beach later! Note that in the lighthouse picture I'm in front of the door! yay.

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