Sunday, August 2, 2009


Just read some interesting Darfur facts... I figured I'd copy some down. Hopefully I can send these to some people & spread the word. Facts taken from Hail Mary
Sondra was a nine year old girl shot in the back of the neck when she was only two hours away from a refugee camp. Save Darfur.
Machuk is a 12 year old boy who took care of 3 younger sisters. One day in Darfur his town was lit on fire. He hasnt seen them since.
Issa was a thirteen year old girl raped by four different soldiers, two from her own governement.
Demand more of your local media; write them and make them pay attention to what is happening in Darfur.
Girls as young as eight are considered at high risk vulnerability levels for sexual assault in Darfur.
People in Darfur have an average of a three hour each way every night to get highly protected water.
Water is so heavily protected in Darfur that night time trips are necessary to avoid being shot.
To see the damage done in Darfur, check out google earth. It will show you what villages have been burned to the ground.
In Darfur theres a religious belief that you cant kill a virgin. Unfortunately for young girls, the "solution" for this is rape.
In Darfur, a girl will sometimes have to go through a humiliating forced marriage before being raped several times and then shot.
Daoud was an elderly woman who was kicked so hard she died. She was trying to get water for her family. Save Darfur.

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